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#PowerProgress Campaign 2022

#PowerProgress is a unique collaboration between philanthropy, nonprofits, and the Democratizing Philanthropy Project that is part program, part capacity building, part public awareness, intended to support dozens of historically excluded frontline organizations working in their communities on critical issues. 


In August, organizations can apply into the #PowerProgress Campaign, which runs from November 1 to December 31, with an October start to the capacity-building training. Participating organizations receive a fundraising toolkit and coaching on how to implement it for their own end-of-year fundraising campaign. Donations of up to $1,000 sent to participating nonprofit organizations are eligible to be matched by DPP, while DPP runs a national public awareness campaign about the role of state-based power-building and historically excluded organizations. Participants then report their results to DPP in January 2023, and DPP pays out matching funds up to $10,000 per organization in March 2023.  


Please visit the campaign's handbook to learn more about the program. If you have questions, please reach out to

A cartoon woman jumping in the air, holding a sign that reads "Democratizing Philanthropy Project"

Democratizing Philanthropy Project's


Campaign 2022 

This handbook is here to answer all your questions about how #PowerProgress Campaign is building capacity for nonprofit one matching campaign at at time. Twelve total organizations will be selected for the program, which runs from October 2022 through December 2022. 

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